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    Thai Smile restaurant has been recognized as a Thai restaurant that constantly offers healthy, high quality, and flavorful Thai Cuisines to the residents and visitors of Palm Springs since 1993.

    Thai Smile restaurant was created by Yim, Priddey Prayongyam. “Yim” means “smile” in Thai, and Yim always smiled to her customers. So the restaurant was named after her and and her character.

    In 1996, Yim’s son, Piriya Prayongyan, popularly known as “Mai” and his wife “Noi”, Nicha Charnchalerm, who also ran a Thai restaurant in Boston, moved to Palm Springs to help Yim operate Thai Smile.

    Yim’s original recipes bring the special tastes of Thai food the to the customers with bit of Americanized flavor to tone down the spiciness.

    However at Thai Smile Palm Springs, customers can always ask us to prepare your dishes the way you like it, be it authentic Thai flavors, the vegetarians to fit your dietary restrictions.

    To ensure the high quality and consistency of the food flavors, Mai continues to follow Yim’s recipes and personally trains the chefs himself. He also makes sure that his wait staff are competent, courteous and well equipped to answer all the menu questions.

    Yim’s character- “Smile”, will always be the symbol and personality of our restaurant to be shared with all our customers as it has from the beginning.

    Please visit Thai Smile restaurant when you’re in town. You will enjoy the atmosphere that embraces the beautiful Thai culture, the delicious food and the Smiling service from all of us here at Thai Smile Palm Springs.s food and the Smiling service from all of us here at Thai Smile Palm Springs.
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    Customer Appreciation

    We appreciate you being our customer.  And we would like to express our appreciation to you with our Customer Appreciation program.

    For every $1.00 you spent with us, you earn 1 reward point. Each time 100 points are earned, you will receive a Special Offer from us.

    No card for you to carry.  Simply sign up the form at this link
    Sing Up Customer Appreciation program.

    And you can check your points anytime at this link
    Look Up Balance.

    We take your privacy seriously.

    Thank you again for being our customer.

    Form all of us at Thai Smile Palm Springs.
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    Thai Smile palm springs is currently not affiliated with any other establishment in the Coachella Valley.  We have and always will be "the family run business" your patronage has turned into the success we are today.  We thank you for all the years of support and look forward to many more.

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